Talk Series on Conspiracy Theories & Rationality

In connection with our current research project on Conspiracy Theories and the rationality of belief we are organizing an ongoing talk series on Why do people believe weird things? 
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Upcoming Talks

Irrationality and Rationality in Science 

April 28 SAM GERSHMAN (Harvard) 
How to never be wrong 

May 5 | 6 pm !!! (CET) CAILIN O’CONNOR (Irvine) 
Multiple Mechanisms for Polarization 

May 12 C. THI NGUYEN (Utah) 
The Seductions of Clarity 

May 19 SARAH FISHER (Vienna)
Reading between the lines: Language-based Inferences and (Ir)rationality

June 02 HUGO MERCIER (Paris) 
Not Born Yesterday: Why people are less gullible than we think 

June 23 MONA SIMION (Glasgow) 
Politically Motivated Reasoning and Evidence Resistance 

June 30 ÅSA M. WIKFORSS (Stockholm) 
Resisting the Facts: Is it Irrational? 

July 7 CHRIS RANALLI (Amsterdam) 
Norms of Conspiracy Theorizing 

July 14 REGINA RINI (Toronto) 

New Fellows

Matt Sims (Edinburgh) and Francois Kammerer (Louvain) received Post-doctoral Fellowships from the Humboldt Foundation to join our team. J. Suilin Lavelle (Edinburgh) won an Humboldt Experienced Researcher Award. They will join our team between fall 2020 and fall 2023. Congratulations!
> Suilin's webpage, > Francois' webpage, > Matt's webpage

New Papers

Together with Krys Dolega, I wrote two new papers, one critical paper on the prospects of the predictive processing framework as a systematic guide to the search for neural correlates of consciousness and one handbook entry on mental content.
> Predictive Processing paper, > Mental content paper

New book!

This collection of original papers on mental representation results in large part from of a conference we organized in 2015. Many thanks to the authors and to my co-editors Joulia Smortchkova and Krys Dolega for their monumental efforts to see this project through.

Upoming Event: Rudolf-Carnap Lectures with Prof. Cecilia Heyes (University of Oxford)

Due to the pandemic, most events had to be cancelled. But the 2020 Carnap-Lectures with Cecilia Heyes will be held June 7-8, 2022 @ RUB and the workshop on David Papineau's book The Metaphysics of Experience will be held in the fall (due tbd).
Moreover, with Francois Kammerer I organize an event on Illusionism about consciousness Sept. 29-30.

Upoming Event: Workshop on Illusionism 

Illusionism about consciousness

Together with Francois Kammerer, I am organizing an event on phenomenal realism and Illusionism @ RUB on Sept. 29-30, 2022.

Check out further details here.