Tobias Schlicht
Lichtenberg-Professor of Philosophy

I am a philosopher. My research focuses mainly on consciousness and cognition, and draws on both philosophy and the sciences of the mind. Further interests include Kant's theoretical philosophy and the philosophy of cognitive science broadly.

Ruhr-University Bochum, Universitätsstr. 150 / GA3, 29
44801 Bochum, Email: tobias dot schlicht at rub dot de

Upcoming Workshops in 2023

Rudolf-Carnap Lectures 2023 presented by Kim Sterelny (ANU) on the Philosophy of Cumulative Culture.
Call for Papers

TXM@25 - The Extended Mind at 25 celebrates the 25th anniversary of the publication of Andy Clark and David Chalmers’s enormously influential paper “The Extended Mind,” with the purpose of evaluating and building upon extended and situated approaches to mind and cognition. Call for Papers