Tobias Schlicht
Lichtenberg-Professor of Philosophy

I am a philosopher, interested in consciousness and cognition,  drawing on both philosophy and the sciences of the mind. 
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Ruhr-University Bochum, Universitätsstr. 150 / GA3, 29
44801 Bochum, Email: tobias dot schlicht at rub dot de

Online Talk Series on Basal Cognition in the Fall 2023 with Nick Brancazio, Pamela Lyon, Matthew Sims, Michael Levin, Miguel Segundo-Ortin, and Fred Keizer. 
Get Zoom Link from Caroline.Stankozi (at) 

Online Talk Series on Interaction with intelligent systems: 
Nov 30, 4pm: Katie Winkle (Uppsala)
Dec 06, 6pm: David J. Gunkel (Illinois)
Jan 11, 4pm: Christian Montag (Ulm).

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