Team Members

Lara Bräuchle

Student Assistant

BA Philosophy, Vienna 

Currently studying MA in Cognitive Science and on leave at the University of Cambridge to work in Tristan Bekinschtein's group.

Katharina Heiligenbrunner

Student Assistant

BA Philosophy, Vienna 

Currently studying MA in Cognitive Science.

Keith Harris


BA Philosophy & English (New York, Oswego), MA Philosophy (Missouri, Columbia), PhD Philosophy (Missouri, Columbia), with a dissertation on group minds and social metaphysics. 

Now focusing on social epistemology especially in social media environments.

Yizhi Li

PhD Student

MA Philosophy, Bonn
BA Philosophy, 

Yizhi has started a PhD thesis on Mindwandering in the context of the Research Training Group on Situated Cognition (2023-2026).

Nadine Overkamp

Contact: [email protected]

Bartosz Radomski

PhD Student

MSc Cognitive Science, Bochum
BA Philosophy & Economics, Edinburgh

In his MA thesis, Bartosz investigated the theoretical status of the Free Energy Principle and continues his interest in foundational theories of cognition, dis-cussing the relations bet-ween the free energy approach and autopoietic enactivism which are both connected via their inter-pretations of the notion of adaptivity.

Liberty Severs

PhD Student

MSc Cognitive Neuroscience, Sussex
MA Philosophy & Cognitive Science, Birmingham 
BA Philosophy, London

Libby is working on a PhD project investigating natural and artificial agents in the context of agential thinking in philosophy of mind and biology in general.

Matt Sims


PhD Philosophy, Edinburgh
MSc Philosophy, Edinburgh
BA Philosophy, London

Matt is interested in the biological origins of cognition and in how different forms of cognition are expressed in intelligent purposeful behaviour across a wide range of biological systems - from bacteria to humans, using the conceptual apparatus of ecological psychology, active inference, cybernetic control theory, and self-organising complex systems theory.

Caroline Stankozi

PhD Student

MA Philosophy, Bochum
BA Philosophy & Sociology, Bielefeld

Caroline has started a PhD project focusing on the enactive notion of coupling and its significance for cognition. In addition, she is leading a reading group on cognition in minimal biological systems.

Tobias Starzak

Science Manager
PhD Philosophy, Bochum
MA Philosophy, Cologne

After having worked on Animal Minds and Rationality, Tobias has focused on understanding actions and reasons, and is also interested in cognition in biological and artificial  systems generally.

Elmarie Venter

PhD Philosophy, Bochum

Elmarie's current research is at the intersection of 4E and predictive processing accounts of cognition.

Qiuran Wang

Visiting Postdoc Fellow
PhD in Psych. Science, Padova

Qiu is a visiting postdoctoral fellow, having obtained a PhD in Psychology with a dissertation on Movement in Plants, based on experimental and theoretical work.
She is now extending her work into the philosophy of plant cognition.